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Chemical Weapons Facts

For a doctor who encounters effects of chemical warfare agents (CWAs) in a patient population for the first time, quick access to an instructional reference guide may make the difference between life and death.
PHR has produced a series of “CWA Fact Sheets” to educate and provide guidance to physicians who may become first responders to a CWA attack. Ideally, physicians will study these CWA Fact Sheets in advance of an emergency to understand symptoms of exposure, treatment options, and public health safeguards that can minimize harm in the event of an attack.
PHR’s CWA Fact Sheets, compiled from publicly available sources and vetted by experts in the field, are designed to synthesize and clearly communicate the pragmatic science and medicine behind CWAs including vesicants, incapacitating agents, and nerve agents. PHR hopes that, by referencing these fact sheets, medical professionals may be able to correctly diagnose, treat, and document evidence of exposure to CWAs.

PHR also hopes that by educating physicians about the science behind chemical weapon exposure and symptomology, we may help to avoid undue alarm in situations where causes of injuries in a given population remain questionable. These documents are intended to be both easily digestible and available online for easy access when needed.

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Fact Sheets

Chemical Warfare Agent Overview
التعرف على عوامل الحرب الكيميائية

BZ Exposure Recognition and Treatment

Chlorine Gas Exposure Recognition and Treatment
التعرف على حالات التعرض لغاز الكلور وعلاجها

Mustard Gas Exposure Recognition and Treatment

Sarin Exposure Recognition and Treatment
التعرف على حالات التعرض لغاز ااسارين وعلاجها

Tabun Exposure Recognition and Treatment

VX Exposure Recognition and Treatment