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Asylum Network Trainings

asylum seekers

Each year, thousands of survivors of torture and other persecution who seek safety in the US go through the complex and restrictive US immigration process. They often have nothing more than their own words to substantiate their suffering, but some of the most compelling evidence they have — physical and psychological sequelae of torture — can be documented by a health professional to make the difference between safety in the US or forcible return to countries of persecution.

The testimony that Network members provide is often the difference between life and death for victims of persecution. Nearly 90% of our reported case outcomes are successful, meaning that the client and often his or her family have been granted the opportunity to start a new life and begin healing in the US. Our Network members’ generosity in donating their time and talent has helped thousands of survivors of persecution re-build their lives in the US.

We encourage interested physicians to attend an Asylum Network training to learn how to apply your clinical skills to the evaluation of asylum seekers for their applications for relief in the US.

Generally a minimum of two trainings per year are held. Please contact us for more information on current trainings.