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Michael E. Corradini to Speak at 2012 Immigration Justice Conference


Michael E. Corradini, JD, Asylum Advocate at PHR, will speak at the 2012 Immigration Justice Conference in Cincinnati, Ohio.

The Unitarian Universalist (UU) Council of Greater Cincinnati (UUCGC) is sponsoring the conference with more than a dozen faith communities and community organizations as co-sponsors. The conference, “March Forth for Justice,” will be the highlight of a weekend devoted to immigration issues and will be held on Saturday, March 3, in the Sharonville Convention Center, north of Cincinnati. 

Corradini will give the opening address and discuss the connections between immigration detention, the private corrections industry, and state and federal laws that funnel hundreds of thousands of immigrants through detention centers every year. Other participating speakers will provide information on a wide range of related topics including the Dream Act, Human Trafficking, Economic Realities, and Politics and Law.

“The government spends billions of dollars a year throwing immigrants into detention centers, about half of which are run by private prison corporations,” said Corradini. “This system rips apart families and communities, and ignores cheap and effective alternatives to detention. Meanwhile, private prison companies lobby for tougher immigration laws so that they can continue profiting off of immigrants’ pain.”

Corradini will also participate in a panel discussion about the politics of immigration and address current trends in national immigration policy. “If there’s one good thing that has come out of the government’s heedless race to deport as many people as possible, it’s that people are starting to question why we have such destructive and unnecessary immigration policies,” said Corradini. “Hopefully, conferences like this will encourage people to learn more about these policies and let their representatives know that they want to see a change.”

Phoenix UU minister Reverend Susan Frederick-Gray will keynote, presenting information about developments nationally and in Arizona, which are at the forefront of the national immigration debate. 

To register or learn more about the conference visit the event website.

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