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Milkshakes, Yes - Human Rights, No

Huffington Post Blog

Kim Kardashian, a swanky shindig at DC's Ritz-Carlton Hotel, a high-powered Washington PR firm, and the US 5th Fleet - featured players in the newest reality show? Perhaps - but a show with very high stakes for those willing to speak out in the tiny Persian Gulf Kingdom of Bahrain.

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Bahrain puts doctors on trial

Global Post

Bahrain’s prosecution of some of its leading medical professionals epitomizes a disturbing sectarian chasm that must be addressed and breached, says PHR's Richard Sollom in a Global Post Op-Ed.

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Bahraini Doctors at Work

Arab Spring doctors in the crosshairs

Global Post

Richard Sollom of PHR writes in Global Post about attacks on doctors and patients in the Arab Spring, "When governments attack their doctors, it has a chilling effect on the whole society. The sick and wounded are afraid to seek care — even for life-threatening illnesses. For every doctor a government kills or disappears, hundreds of patients go without treatment. This multiplier effect impacts society for years."

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New Libya needs justice and accountability

Global Post

After Gaddafi, Libya must investigate suspected war crimes committed by all sides says PHR's Richard Sollom in a Global Post Op-Ed.

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Opinion: Gaddafi guilty of war crimes

Global Post

PHR's Richard Sollom's Op-Ed in Global Post says all sides in Libya must be investigated and new rule of law established.

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