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How Doctors Would Know If Syrians Were Hit With Nerve Gas

President Obama affirmed Tuesday that there's evidence Syrians have been attacked with chemical weapons — in particular, nerve gas. But that's not the same as proof positive. So PHR is setting up a network to get fact sheets about chemical weapons into the hands of Syrian physicians.

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Key Step in Checking Chemical-Arms Use Is Also Hardest

New York Times

The most important step in conclusively determining whether chemical weapons have been used is for independent experts to get prompt, unfettered access to the site of the suspected attack, according to Physicians for Human Rights, the American organization that was one of the first to document Iraq’s use of poison gas against its Kurdish population in 1988.

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Preventing Sexual Violence in Conflict

Foreign & Commonwealth Office

Susannah Sirkin, Deputy Director at Physicians for Human Rights, blogs about the physical and psychological effects from sexual violence in conflict.

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