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Rohingya Woman Sitting

Press Release

PHR Reiterates Need for Investigation Before Any Repatriation of Rohingya Refugees


PHR is calling for international investigation, oversight, and protection in the wake of Myanmar’s claim that it has repatriated the first Rohingya refugees from neighboring Bangladesh.

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Rohingya Repatriation Agreement Fails to Address Accountability and Safety Concerns


Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) today expressed concern over an agreement between Bangladesh and Myanmar to repatriate hundreds of thousands of Rohingya refugees who fled brutal violence in Myanmar.

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Hans Hogrefe to be Honored for Contributions to Human Rights


Hans Hogrefe, PHR’s Chief Policy Officer and Washington Director, will be honored by the Stewart Mott Foundation and the Open Society Foundation for his contributions to human rights.

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Press Release

Persecuted in Two Countries, Burmese Refugees Face Starvation in Bangladesh Camps


Cambridge, MA — Stateless refugees from Burma face death from starvation and disease in makeshift camps because the government of Bangladesh denies them access to humanitarian aid, warns a team of health researchers from Physicians for Human Rights who just returned from the region.

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Press Release

Burmese Refugees Face Deeper Crisis Following Aid Group's Exit from Bangladesh Camp


Cambridge, MA - A public health expert with Physicians for Human Rights (PHR), just returned from witnessing the crisis for Burmese refugees in Bangladesh, has documented the escalating persecution of the Rohingya tribe and is raising an alarm about acute malnutrition.

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