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World Court Struggles to Finish Mass Rape Cases

Women's E News

The international war tribunal set up to prosecute those responsible for the atrocities committed during Sierra Leone's 10-year civil war is known for its first-time indictments of rape as a war crime. Sexual and gender-based violence was the most reported form of human rights abuse in Sierra Leone's conflict, and PHR found that more than half the women who encountered rebels suffered some form of sexual violence.

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Confronting rape as a weapon of war: a challenge for our generation

British Foreign & Commonwealth Office

PHR Deputy Director Susannah Sirkin participated this week in a high-level consultation hosted by the British Government to respond to sexual violence in conflict zones. Experts from governments, UN agencies and NGOs gathered for three days to develop new ways of thinking about preventing sexual violence and providing survivors with services and access to justice. At the close of this gathering, UK Foreign Secretary William Hague delivered a powerful call to action.

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PHR Congratulates President Obama on His Reelection, Urges Administration to Strengthen US Human Rights Policies in Second Term


PHR congratulates President Obama on his reelection. A second term provides an opportunity for the administration to strengthen US policies on a variety of important human rights issues, thereby fulfilling obligations incumbent upon the administration and completing the unfinished work of the first term.

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The Misogyny Behind an Attempted Assassination of a Man in Congo

The Atlantic

A doctor who's treated tens of thousands of women raped in the Democratic Republic of Congo was fiercely attacked last week.

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Congo: 1 killed in attack on renowned doctor

Washington Post

Gunmen killed a guard and fired at a renowned Congolese doctor who has helped thousands of women recover from violent rapes.

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