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Congo Needs Our Help

CNN Opinion

PHR's Susannah Sirkin writes on CNN Opinion: "Some of the bravest people I know are cowering today in eastern Congo, wondering where their supporters are. While our daily news zeroes in on Syria and Gaza, the fiscal cliff and Christmas sales, our friends in the war-ravaged part of the immense, mineral-rich Democratic Republic of the Congo are once again convulsed in a conflict they did not choose."

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UK initiative to tackle sexual violence in conflict: Foreign Secretary’s Steering Board


The PSVI external Steering Board was established to advise the Foreign Secretary as the UK continues its campaign for new international action against sexual and gender-based violence in conflict and post-conflict situations. The Board is made up of representatives from several national and international organizations, including Physicians for Human Rights.

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Denis Mukwege

Renowned Congolese Doctor Hopes to Return Home

The Lancet

PHR’s close ally Dr. Denis Mukwege recently survived a near-fatal attack at his home in Eastern Congo in the lead-up to the extraordinary violence that has engulfed the region. Dr. Mukwege is renowned for his work treating victims of sexual violence. PHR’s Susannah Sirkin told The Lancet, “The biggest impact is Mukwege's voice and any attempt to silence his voice is harmful to past and future victims.” PHR is now calling on the Congolese government to fully investigate the attack.

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Kenya: Women to Take Government to Court Over Post Election Atrocities

All Africa

Victims of sexual and gender based violence for atrocities experienced after the 2007 elections will take the government to court. Rachel Muthonga from the Physicians for Human Rights says they want reparation for the victims.

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World Court Struggles to Finish Mass Rape Cases

Women's E News

The international war tribunal set up to prosecute those responsible for the atrocities committed during Sierra Leone's 10-year civil war is known for its first-time indictments of rape as a war crime. Sexual and gender-based violence was the most reported form of human rights abuse in Sierra Leone's conflict, and PHR found that more than half the women who encountered rebels suffered some form of sexual violence.

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