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Bahrain police fire tear gas at demo in capital

Tehran Times

The Bahraini government has continued its violent crackdown on opposition groups, firing tear gas and stun grenades at protestors and torturing anti-government activists. PHR reports have demonstrated that doctors and nurses who have born witness to violent government actions have been targeted for persecution and torture.

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Qaddafi's Abattoir


Since the collapse of the Qaddafi government, many mass graves have been discovered throughout Libya, evidence of the brutalities committed during the uprising. The forensic evidence provided by Physicians for Human Rights has helped to provide a clearer understanding of these atrocities.

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New Libya needs justice and accountability

Global Post

After Gaddafi, Libya must investigate suspected war crimes committed by all sides says PHR's Richard Sollom in a Global Post Op-Ed.

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Burma army kills two unarmed Kachin women

Kachin News Group

Two unarmed Kachin women were shot and killed by Burmese government soldiers in the Hpakan (or Hpakant) area of war torn Kachin state this morning, the Kachin News Group has learned.

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In the News

Hidden deaths of Libyan rape survivors

The National Law Journal

Wartime rape is a persistent and brutal aspect of conflict, whether during or in the aftermath of hostilities. In the recent warfare in Libya, as well as in most civil and international armed conflicts, women were subjected to different forms of visible and invisible violence, including sexual exploitation and abuse. However, the most recent news reports reveal that the wartime rape of women and minors in Libya was systematic and adopted by Moammar Gadhafi's troops on a massive scale and as a strategic weapon of war, leaving thousands of physically and psychologically devastated women.

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