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New Report: Syrian Forces Launched Assault on Country’s Medical System


Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) today released a report detailing the Syrian government’s all-out assault on the country’s medical system. PHR’s report includes new and alarming evidence that government forces deny wounded civilians impartial medical treatment; invade, attack, and misuse hospitals; attack and impede medical transport, and detain and torture doctors for treating wounded civilians. These documented attacks illustrate the broader violence that the Syrian people have endured over the past several months.

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Physicians Call on Obama to Investigate Massacre of 2,000 Taliban Prisoners

Democracy Now!

PHR is calling on President Obama to act on his promise to investigate the massacre of at least 2,000 suspected Taliban prisoners of war that occurred 10 years ago in Afghanistan. The prisoners were allegedly shot to death or suffocated in sealed metal truck containers at Dasht-e-Leili while being held by the US-backed Afghan Northern Alliance.

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Dasht-e-Leili, Ten Years Later

Harper's Magazine

In December 2001, Afghanistan’s Northern Alliance, with strong US backing consisting of special-forces units and CIA paramilitary operatives, were close to consolidating their control over the country. Then, in the north, as many as 2,000 prisoners who had surrendered to the Alliance or their American supporters were apparently shot to death or suffocated in sealed metal truck containers while being transferred to Afghanistan’s Sheberghan prison.

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Bahrain: a response to the President's Office

Open Democracy

Restoring national unity is paramount to ending the crisis in Bahrain, and as in all countries where serious social and political conflicts exist, real resolutions can only be achieved when the root causes of the conflict are addressed.

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Aid push to stem Kachin refugee crisis

Democratic Voice of Burma

Calls from eight Kachin groups on visiting US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to press the government to draw to a close months of heavy fighting in the northern Burmese state have been welcomed by rights groups. PHR released a report detailing ongoing human rights violations by the Burmese army against Kachin civilians and further applauded Clinton’s request that the government drop its blockade on aid reaching the thousands displaced by fighting since June.

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