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Zimbabwe Civic Groups Protest Bad Water

Voice of America

Dozens of civic organizations in Zimbabwe have petitioned the government to ensure all citizens in the southern African country have access to clean water. The protest comes amid continued outbreaks of waterborne diseases—most recently last month’s outbreak of typhoid in the suburb of Chitungwiza which is about 30 kilometers southeast of Zimbabwe's capital city Harare.

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Zimbabwe suspends NGOs as possible election looms


Zimbabwe has suspended 29 non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in one of its provinces, state media reported on Wednesday, raising worries of a crackdown similar to one that preceded elections in 2008.

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Suspected typhoid outbreak shuts Zimbabwe courts


Zimbabwe has shut down the capital's main courthouse after a suspected outbreak of typhoid affected magistrates and court officials. The aging infrastructure in Zimbabwe has contributed to the spread of the disease, which is transmitted through contaminated water.

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Hans Hogrefe to be Honored for Contributions to Human Rights


Hans Hogrefe, PHR’s Chief Policy Officer and Washington Director, will be honored by the Stewart Mott Foundation and the Open Society Foundation for his contributions to human rights.

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Zimbabwe's Man-Made Disaster

Harvard International Review

At the height of Zimbabwe’s ongoing health crisis in December 2008, President Mugabe proclaimed, “There is no more cholera!” The aging despot’s fantastic declaration belies the stark reality that Zimbabwe has collapsed under the weight of a man-made disaster.

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