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New Report: Syrian Forces Launched Assault on Country’s Medical System


Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) today released a report detailing the Syrian government’s all-out assault on the country’s medical system. PHR’s report includes new and alarming evidence that government forces deny wounded civilians impartial medical treatment; invade, attack, and misuse hospitals; attack and impede medical transport, and detain and torture doctors for treating wounded civilians. These documented attacks illustrate the broader violence that the Syrian people have endured over the past several months.

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Syria: Bashar al Assad, betraying his people but also the medical profession

The Independent

Physicians for human rights (PHR), an independent non-governmental organisation have received reports of “violations of medical neutrality in Syria” and have called to for Assad’s government to discontinue its operation of “targeting medical facilities, health workers and their patients.”

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PHR Releases Accounts of Violence in Syria


Since mid-March, Syrian government forces have sought to crush citizen uprisings; more than 1,700 people have been killed and at least 10,000 are reported to be in custody or missing. In addition to the widely reported atrocities committed by the government, PHR has received reports of serious violations of medical neutrality in Syria.

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