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Bahraini Doctors at Work

Press Release

Release of 8 Medical Reports on Treatment of Bahraini Medics Proves Torture


After much delay, a Bahraini court released forensic medical documentation of eight medics who were tortured in detention. Today during the continuing trial of 20 health workers who are charged as alleged backers of pro-democracy protests, the court released medical evaluations of eight medics.

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Tank at College of Health Sciences, Salmaniya Medical Complex, Bahrain

PHR Continues Calls For Fair Trials of Bahrain Medics


Despite a recent report that Bahrain’s Attorney General intended to drop the charges against 15 medics, today, the judge and prosecutor in the medics’ trial said any decision regarding the dropping of charges will need to be made in court.

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Tank at College of Health Sciences, Salmaniya Medical Complex, Bahrain

Press Release

Bahrain Must End Travel Restrictions Imposed on Human Rights Organizations


Leading human rights organizations are calling on the Kingdom of Bahrain to end the five-day travel limit imposed on all human rights and humanitarian workers traveling to Bahrain.

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Suppressing the narrative in Bahrain

Al Jazeera

A year after the uprising in Bahrain began, the government has continued to deny entrance to journalists and human rights activists, including Richard Sollom of PHR.

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Congressmen Confront Bahrain Over Recent NGO Visa Restrictions

Huffington Post

With the first anniversary of the popular uprising, and subsequent suppression, in Bahrain fast approaching, a number of human rights organizations are asking a dreaded question: What happens if there's another crackdown, and not enough international organizations are there to witness it?

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