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Guantanamo Detainee Walking in Heat

Letter to U.S. Senators from Health Professionals Urging Opposition to the Nomination of Gina Haspel as CIA Director


Haspel’s reported role in the CIA’s post-9/11 rendition, detention, and interrogation program raises grave concerns about her qualifications to lead the agency. She has been implicated in supervising the first “black site” in Thailand, where agency personnel tortured detainees using waterboarding and other long-outlawed techniques.

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OPCW investigation

PHRs statement on the alleged intimidation of Syrian doctors and international teams in Douma


PHR expresses grave concern over reports of intimidation of Syrian medics who are carrying out crucial medical treatment and of investigators who are conducting forensic investigations near the site of an April 7 strike on Douma.

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Joint Letter to U.S. Senators Urging Opposition to the Nomination of Gina Haspel as CIA Director


PHR adds its voice to NGO call for opposition to the nomination of Gina Haspel as CIA Director. It remains undisputed that Ms. Haspel was deeply involved in the CIA’s now-defunct torture program. As such, a vote to confirm her is incompatible with a meaningful commitment to the prohibition on torture.

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Rohingya Woman Sitting

Press Release

PHR Reiterates Need for Investigation Before Any Repatriation of Rohingya Refugees


PHR is calling for international investigation, oversight, and protection in the wake of Myanmar’s claim that it has repatriated the first Rohingya refugees from neighboring Bangladesh.

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Boy is treated for chemical attack

Physicians for Human Rights Statement on Alleged Chemical Attack in Douma, eastern Ghouta.


PHR today condemns yet another apparent chemical weapon attack in Syria that killed dozens of people, including women and children, in the rebel-held suburb of Douma in eastern Ghouta, east of the capital, Damascus.

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