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Landmark Kavumu Appeal Verdict Upholds Convictions


welcomes today’s appeal judgment delivered by the High Military Court in PHR welcomes the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), confirming the conviction of 11 men, including a provincial lawmaker, who were found guilty in a 2017 trial of crimes against humanity for the rape of dozens of young girls as well as for murder. As documented in this brief PHR video, some of the rape victims were as young as 18 months old.

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Press Release

“Please Tell the World What They Have Done to Us”


A body of forensic medical evidence released today clearly indicates that Rohingya Muslims suffered grave human rights abuses at the hands of Myanmar security forces and Rakhine Buddhist civilians. Physicians for Human Rights (PHR), who issued the evidence in a new report, said the actions should be investigated as crimes against humanity.

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PHR Echoes Concerns Raised by Homeland Security Health Experts about Family Detention


Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) echoes today the serious concerns expressed by two Department of Homeland Security (DHS) medical experts who have spoken out about the inhumane policy of detaining migrant families. The physicians, who have served as longtime DHS consultants and who monitor family detention centers, warned that any planned expansion of family detention will place children and their families at imminent risk of further harm.

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Survivors of International Crimes Still Await Justice on 20th Anniversary of Rome Statute


Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) said today that the promise of justice for international crimes remains elusive 20 years after the adoption of the treaty that established the International Criminal Court (ICC). The Rome Statute, which provides the most comprehensive legal articulation of war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide, gave rise to a permanent international criminal court to intervene where states are either “unwilling or unable” to do so themselves. In the two decades since the adoption of the Rome Statute, the ICC has been thwarted by politics, the court’s cumbersome structure, and resource constraints, which have made it difficult to deliver meaningful justice to the many hundreds of thousands of victims affected by unconscionable crimes.

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Syrian Rescue Workers

Press Release

As Fighting Intensifies, Daraa Civilians and Hospitals Must be Spared


Physicians for Human Rights is deeply concerned by the news of yet more indiscriminate attacks on health care sites in Syria. In less than a week, PHR has received credible reports of large-scale airstrikes on at least six hospitals in Daraa in the south of the country, including Al-Giza Hospital’s emergency department, which was left completely destroyed after being targeted six times.

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