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Systematic Documentation

Congolese Woman Using MediCapt

PHR is developing MediCapt to support clinicians in the provision of medical care to survivors and the documentation of injuries. This new tool will enable health professionals to gather the required medical data – in a standardized way – so that their legal counterparts can manage the entire evidentiary chain more effectively.

Among its many essential features, MediCapt includes sophisticated encryption, cloud data storage, high fidelity to chain of custody standards, and tamper-proof metadata. The app’s data mapping feature reveals patterns or prevalence of violence, including the widespread or systematic nature of offences critical to demonstrating crimes against humanity. MediCapt also facilitates early warning of and rapid response to mass crimes. Significantly, the app is designed to securely collect data in conflict zones, as well as remote locations where wireless data transmission is limited. The tool can also accommodate the various languages and literacy levels of its users.