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MediCapt App


MediCapt is a mobile application, under development by the Program on Sexual Violence in Conflict Zones at Physicians for Human Rights (PHR), to help clinicians more effectively collect, document, and preserve forensic medical evidence of sexual violence to support the local prosecution of these crimes. This critical tool converts a standardized medical intake form for forensic documentation to a digital platform and combines it with a secure mobile camera to facilitate forensic photography. By combining these components, MediCapt will help preserve critical forensic medical evidence of mass atrocities, including sexual violence and torture, for use in courts. Health care providers will use the app to compile medical evidence, photograph survivors’ injuries, and securely transmit the data to authorities engaged in prosecuting and seeking accountability for such crimes.

Systematic Documentation

PHR is developing MediCapt to support clinicians in the provision of medical care to survivors and the documentation of injuries. Learn more.

MediCapt Pilot Training

In January 2014, PHR piloted the first generation of MediCapt at a training in Bukavu, DRC. Learn more.

RightsCon: Harnessing the Power of Technology to Improve Accountability for Sexual Violence

On March 5, 2014, PHR presented a workshop on MediCapt at RightsCon. Learn more.


In 2013, MediCapt won first prize in the USAID-Humanity United Tech Challenge for Atrocity Prevention competition in the Safe Documentation category. Learn more.