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Under Siege in Kachin State, Burma

Kachin women

November 2011

Read the report (pdf)

In September 2011, PHR conducted an investigation in Burma’s Kachin State in response to reports of grave human rights violations in the region. PHR found that between June and September 2011, the Burmese army looted food from civilians, fired indiscriminately into villages, threatened villages with attacks, and used civilians as porters and human minesweepers.


Key human rights findings of the report include:

  • The Burmese army forced Kachin civilians to guide combat units and walk in front of army columns to trigger landmines.
  • The Burmese army regularly pillaged food and supplies from civilians.
  • The Burmese army fired automatic weapons directly into a civilian village, striking non-military targets.

>> See also the Executive Summary of the report. (pdf)

>> The Executive Summary is available in Burmese. (pdf)

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