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Securing Afghanistan's Past: Human Remains Identification Needs and Gap Analysis

Dr. Fowler examines bones
by Dallas Mazoori, JD, and Amanda Sozer, PhD

April 2013

Read the report (pdf)

PHR's report outlines steps that Afghanistan can take if it is to make progress in addressing the right to truth for victims of more than three decades of violent conflict by identifying missing and disappeared persons.
Since 2009, PHR has helped Afghans develop the local capacity to document and secure mass graves, while preventing the destruction of evidence; introduced forensic concepts of such work to government and civil society; and reported on steps needed to begin developing scientific and technical capabilities to identify the missing. One outcome has been the creation of the Afghan Forensic Science Organization (AFSO), which helped to organize the April 2013 conference in Kabul on “Truth Seeking and the Role of Forensic Science” at which the report was released.

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