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Bahraini Doctor in ER

Do No Harm


PHR's emergency report documents and decries systematic human rights abuses in Bahrain, and persecution of health workers based on their knowledge of those abuses.

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Dual Loyalties Report Cover thumbnail

Dual Loyalties


Health professionals who work in the immigration detention system are bound by the same standards of conduct that apply to the treatment of patients in private clinics and hospitals: to treat their duty to patient as their first priority and to always act in the best interests of the patient. However, this duty becomes severely compromised when the interests of their employer intrude upon or directly conflict with the needs of patients.

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Crimes Against Humanity in Burma

Featured Report

Life Under the Junta


In 2010, Physicians for Human Rights investigated alleged human rights violations in Burma’s Chin State. Our report reveals extraordinary levels of state and military violence against civilian populations.

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Experiments in Torture

Experiments in Torture


Following the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, the Bush administration initiated new human intelligence collection programs. As part of these programs, the Bush administration redefined acts that had previously been recognized as illegal, to be "safe, legal and effective" "enhanced" interrogation techniques (EITs).

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Toxic Metals, Marlin Mine, Guatemala

Toxic Metals and Indigenous Peoples Near the Marlin Mine in Western Guatemala


Environmental health scientists from the University of Michigan find that a sample of Guatemalans who live near a controversial gold and silver mine in the country's western highlands have higher levels of potentially toxic heavy metals in their urine and blood than a sample of residents who live farther from the mine....

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