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Bloody May: Excessive Use of Lethal Force in Bangkok


One year after a bloodless coup toppled Thailand's government and the military took control, protestors staged a rally and demanded freedom. The government responded with violence. PHR's investigation revels the truth behind allegations of excessive force and violations of medical neutrality.

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Hidden Enemies


The war in Somalia in the 1990s resulted in catastrophic famine, failed government, and a devastating legacy of land mines left from the civil war in the North. These added significantly to the economic devastation there, and were a principal obstacle in the way of repatriation of hundreds of thousands of refugees who fled to Ethiopia from northern Somalia during the civil war.

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Unquiet Graves


In December 1991, Middle East Watch and Physicians for Human Rights sent a delegation to northern Iraq to observe and assist in the exhumation, identification, and determination of probable cause and manner of death of individuals interred in mass and single, unmarked graves.

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Guatemala: Getting Away With Murder


Since the military overthrow of the democratic Guatemalan government in 1954, soldiers and policemen have tortured and murdered with abandon while tens of thousands of extrajudicial executions and disappearances have never been investigated. "Guatemala: Getting Away With Murder" details two forensic missions conducted to examine the flawed medical and scientific procedures applied in the few death investigations conducted in Guatemala.

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Iraqi-Occupied Kuwait


In 1991 hundreds of thousands of civilians trapped in Kuwait faced a grave medical crisis due to the flight of most physicians and skilled medical workers, the closure of many hospitals, and the systematic removal of medical equipment and supplies by Iraq. PHR detailed the attack on and dismemberment of the Kuwaiti medical system since the invasion.

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