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Iraq-Occupied Kuwait


PHR partnered with Physicians for Human Rights-Denmark to investigate the medical consequences of the invasion of Kuwait by Iraq.

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Iraqi-Occupied Kuwait


In 1991 hundreds of thousands of civilians trapped in Kuwait faced a grave medical crisis due to the flight of most physicians and skilled medical workers, the closure of many hospitals, and the systematic removal of medical equipment and supplies by Iraq. PHR detailed the attack on and dismemberment of the Kuwaiti medical system since the invasion.

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El Salvador: Health Care under Siege


In June 1989, PHR sent a medical mission to El Salvador to investigate and report on allegations of violations of medical neutrality and other human rights abuses committed by both sides in the civil war. This report documents the obstruction of health care to the civilian population; the assault, intimidation, arrest, torture, and execution of health workers; attacks on hospitals and clinics; and the impact of ten years of civil war on the country's medical institutions.

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Bloody Sunday


Physicians for Human Rights was asked by Dr. Andrei Sakharov and Dr. Irakli Menagarishvili, Minister of Public Health for Soviet Georgia, to provide technical expertise in assessing the possibility that toxic gas or gases had been used in Tbilisi, Soviet Georgia on April 9, 1989.

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Winds of Death


In the late 1980's Iraq's army attacked Kurdish villages with poison gas. PHR documented the injuries and deaths of Kurdish civilians from these attacks, finding that Iraqi aircraft used bombs containing mustard gas and other lethal chemical agents.

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