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Joint Letter to UN Secretary General on Haroun Appointment in Sudan


The executive directors of eight leading human rights organizations sent a letter to UN Secretary General Ban-Ki Moon calling on him to make justice for victims and accountability for perpetrators of crimes in Darfur a top priority.

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For Darfur, Accountability Before Peace - A Letter to the Editor of the Washington Post


Accountability for perpetrators and reparations for victims in Sudan's Darfur region are critical components missing from UN.

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PHR Urges APA to Prohibit CIA Tactics and End Psychologist Involvement in Interrogations


In a letter sent on August 6, 2007, to Dr. Sharon Brehm, president of the American Psychological Association (APA), PHR responds to a resolution proposed by the board of the APA condemning certain interrogation techniques and psychologists' involvement in them.

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Doctors as Terrorists - A Letter to the Editor of the Boston Globe


WHILE H.D.S. Greenway is correct in pointing out that doctors are not immune from being swept up in revolutionary causes, he appears to minimize the unique conflict created when physicians elevate their support of a cause to the level of violence.

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PHR Letter to American Psychological Association Regarding Psychologists and Interrogations


PHR wrote to APA President Brehm to express its concerns that neither the APA's policy on human rights nor the PENS Task Force report and recommendations adequately assure guidance to psychologists in interrogation settings.

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