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Landmark child rape trial in DRC's Kavumu

Landmark child rape trial in DRC's Kavumu

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Take Action to End Family Separation

The U.S. administration’s appalling crackdown on desperate immigrants reached new lows in early May, when the Department of Justice began forcibly separating children from their parents as they cross into the United States from Mexico. Forced family separation is profoundly harmful to children and to families and violates fundamental human rights.

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PHR honors Iraqi Dr. Nagham Hasan

PHR salutes Dr. Hasan for her extraordinary work treating and supporting survivors of sexual slavery and genocide perpetrated by ISIS against Iraq’s Yazidi minority.

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Syria Map

A Map of Attacks on Health Care in Syria

When medical workers are killed, the human toll is not just their lives, but also the exponential number of people who will suffer without treatment and the many lives that will be lost as a result. When these attacks on health care become as prolonged and widespread as they have in Syria, the consequences reach far beyond the individuals and facilities lost.

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Syrian Heroes, Dr. Lena and Dr. Nour

Partners of Physicians for Human Rights (PHR), Dr. Lena and Dr. Nour, have risked their lives to provide medical care in Syria and to document human rights abuses, including torture and sexual violence, committed against their patients. PHR honored Dr. Lena and Dr. Nour at our 2016 Gala to recognize their important contributions to the Syrian people and for their efforts at attaining justice.

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