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Medicine Under Siege in the Former Yugoslavia: 1991-1995


This report examines the wars in the former Yugoslavia through the prism of medical neutrality. Hospitals and clinics in or near conflict zones were deliberately and often repeatedly attacked. Patients and medical staff were shot at by snipers, and, in at least one case, forcibly removed from hospital wards and summarily executed.

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A Pattern of Impunity


In 1993, the bloody conflict in Indian-controlled Kashmir was in its fourth year. Indian troops had embarked on a "catch and kill" campaign against Muslim militants, resulting in a sharp escalation of human rights abuses. PHR and Human Rights Watch provided comprehensive documentation of the consequences of India's abusive policy in Kashmir in this report.

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Bloody May: Excessive Use of Lethal Force in Bangkok


One year after a bloodless coup toppled Thailand's government and the military took control, protestors staged a rally and demanded freedom. The government responded with violence. PHR's investigation revels the truth behind allegations of excessive force and violations of medical neutrality.

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Iraq-Occupied Kuwait


PHR partnered with Physicians for Human Rights-Denmark to investigate the medical consequences of the invasion of Kuwait by Iraq.

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Panama 1987: Health Consequenses of Police and Military Actions


The goal of this fact-finding mission was to investigate and document widespread violations of human rights and medical neutrality which were alleged to have occurred in Panama following civilian unrest and demonstrations beginning in June 1987.

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