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The Crackdown in Kashmir


While fighting with Muslim insurgents in Kashmir who demand independence or accession to Pakistan, Indian troops are increasingly targeting civilians. PHR and Asia Watch investigated these efforts to crush support for the guerrilla forces, especially the military's torture of detainees and the government's targeting of health professionals.

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Bloody May: Excessive Use of Lethal Force in Bangkok


One year after a bloodless coup toppled Thailand's government and the military took control, protestors staged a rally and demanded freedom. The government responded with violence. PHR's investigation revels the truth behind allegations of excessive force and violations of medical neutrality.

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Iraq-Occupied Kuwait


PHR partnered with Physicians for Human Rights-Denmark to investigate the medical consequences of the invasion of Kuwait by Iraq.

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El Salvador: Health Care under Siege


In June 1989, PHR sent a medical mission to El Salvador to investigate and report on allegations of violations of medical neutrality and other human rights abuses committed by both sides in the civil war. This report documents the obstruction of health care to the civilian population; the assault, intimidation, arrest, torture, and execution of health workers; attacks on hospitals and clinics; and the impact of ten years of civil war on the country's medical institutions.

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Panama 1987: Health Consequenses of Police and Military Actions


The goal of this fact-finding mission was to investigate and document widespread violations of human rights and medical neutrality which were alleged to have occurred in Panama following civilian unrest and demonstrations beginning in June 1987.

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