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Developing Rights-based Health Systems and Overcoming the Global Health Workforce Crisis: Proposals for the Obama Administration's Global Health Initiative


The Obama Administration is in the process of developing an integrated strategy on global health, the Global Health Initiative (GHI). PHR has developed an extensive set of recommendations for how the GHI can support rights-based health systems.

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Letter from Health Advocates: Concerns about Global Health Workforce Issues in the US Health Reform Efforts


Congress is considering legislation that could worsen the current brain drain of doctors and nurses from poor countries, such as Ghana, Ethiopia and Uganda, say global health advocates. A coalition of organizations and individuals committed to improving health in low-income countries has written to President Obama...

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Letter to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice re: Fathi Al-Jahmi, September 2, 2008


As Secretary of State Rice prepares to travel to Libya in the coming days, PHR has written to her to urge that human rights cases be a central focus of her dialogue with Libyan officials...

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Letter Regarding Arrests and Prosecutions of People Living with HIV/AIDS


117 human rights organizations based in 41 countries around the world, working in the fields of health and human rights write to urgently voice concern over the arrest and trial of men in Egypt for alleged homosexual conduct, apparently based on the men's suspected HIV serostatus.

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The Right to Health and Health Workforce Planning


The purpose of this guide is to explain why it is necessary to ground health workforce planning in human rights, and how to develop a plan that does just that.

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