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Rohingya Activist Nominated for Human Rights Award

on May 23, 2012

Zaw Min Htut accepts Human Rights Award

PHR congratulates Zaw Min Htut, a Burmese Rohingya activist, on his nomination for the 2011 US State Department Human Rights Defenders Award.

Zaw Min Htut has been working for Rohingyas’ rights through the Burmese Rohingya Association of Japan since he fled Burma in 1998. Prior to that he was a student activist in Burma, and was detained for his participation in protests in 1996. In Japan, Zaw Min Htut has organized protests at the Burmese embassy and has written books on the history of Rohingya.

Nine people were nominated for the award, including one other Burmese who is a former political prisoner. The award is given to people who show “Exceptional valor and leadership in advocating the protection of human rights and democracy in the face of government repression.” The people of Burma have faced government repression for decades, and it is notable that two out of the nine nominees are from Burma.

The Rohingya are a Muslim minority who live in Western Burma, and are one of the most repressed groups in the country. Several groups (pdf), including PHR, have documented human rights abuses against Rohingya in Burma and in Bangladesh, where many have fled. Rohingya have long suffered the brutality of Burmese regime, including forced labor, extortion and forced migration.

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Submitted by Sohail Molvi at 03:50 PM on July 8, 2012
Congratulations to Mr. Zaw Min Htut .. We Rohingya community in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia congratulate him and thank him for his efforts for the sake of humanity, and we invite your organization and other humanitarian organizations to save Rohingya urgently because they are at risk of genocide currently
Submitted by John Devid at 11:58 PM on June 9, 2012
Myanmar Rohingya minority needs emergency protection help Your Excellency, Rohingya case has been an international issue since 1942, after 1962, it became worse and worse. Now, when Government needs to change toward democracy, Rakhines whose ideology is based on Fascism called Rakhine Aryan , they have been killing Rohingyas violently ,world’s largest genocide. The Rohingyas’ lives in the whole Arakan state are now in danger, recently more than 200 people were killed , government cut out communication, we can not contact these areas. Mostly the Rakhine Neo-Facists burn Rohingyas’ houses intentionally in order to hide evidences.Rohingya are sounded by polices, how can these Fascists openly insult the whole humanity. Rakhine uses DVB burmese broadcasting to implement their Neo-Racists and Neo-Fascist agenda. Rakhines fascists killing Rohingyas, burning their houses, looting their properties. If you want to know more about Rakhine’s Fascism and Racism read the book “Burma’s Missing Dots”. Could you please save Rohingya people for the sake of humanity? Could you please give the Rohingya people protection? On behalf of Rohingya people, we beg and appeal to you to give Rohingya people security.