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New York Times Endorses Need to Investigate "Medically Assisted Torture"


An editorial in today's New York Times echoes Physicians for Human Rights' repeated call over the last half decade: investigate abuse and hold perpetrators accountable.

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CIA Says Agency is Shuttering Detention "Black Sites"


Reuters' Randall Mikkelsen reports today that the CIA's Director Leon Panetta says the agency will decommission the infamous "black sites" where terrorism suspects were interrogated with harsh techniques that included waterboarding.

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Medical Ethics in Crisis: ICRC Report Underscores Need for Investigation, Accountability


On the eve of World Health Day and just weeks from the fifth anniversary of the Abu Ghraib revelations, a newly-released International Committee of the Red Cross report provides additional evidence documenting violations of medical ethics in detainee abuse, emphasizing the need for a full investigation to restore the ethical foundations of the health professions.

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Further Evidence of Medical Monitoring of CIA Torture


Mark Danner, an attorney and journalist, revealed in yesterday's New York Review of Books never-before-seen sections of a confidential International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) report detailing the treatment of detainees held at the CIA "black site" interrogation facilities.

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Inhumane Treatment and Violations of Medical Ethics Continue at Guantanamo


President Obama's recent executive order mandating the closure of the detention center at Guant?namo Bay mandated a review of the conditions of confinement there. That review has concluded that treatment of detainees is humane and in keeping with the Geneva Conventions standard.

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