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Medical Ethics in Crisis: ICRC Report Underscores Need for Investigation, Accountability


On the eve of World Health Day and just weeks from the fifth anniversary of the Abu Ghraib revelations, a newly-released International Committee of the Red Cross report provides additional evidence documenting violations of medical ethics in detainee abuse, emphasizing the need for a full investigation to restore the ethical foundations of the health professions.

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Further Evidence of Medical Monitoring of CIA Torture


Mark Danner, an attorney and journalist, revealed in yesterday's New York Review of Books never-before-seen sections of a confidential International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) report detailing the treatment of detainees held at the CIA "black site" interrogation facilities.

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Inhumane Treatment and Violations of Medical Ethics Continue at Guantanamo


President Obama's recent executive order mandating the closure of the detention center at Guant?namo Bay mandated a review of the conditions of confinement there. That review has concluded that treatment of detainees is humane and in keeping with the Geneva Conventions standard.

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Towards a Nonpartisan Commission to Investigate US Torture


I attended the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing today on a "commission of inquiry" to examine Bush Administration policies governing detainee treatment.

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Momentum Gathering for Senate Commission to Investigate US Torture


On Tuesday,'s Mark Benjamin reported that US Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT) is moving forward with with a commission to investigate torture during the Bush administration. Committee Chairman Pat Leahy, D-Vt., told Salon Tuesday that his panel would soon announce a hearing to study various commission plans.

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