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TODAY: New York PHR Members Take a Stand Against Torture


The New York Coalition Against Torture (NYCAT), a group of concerned doctors, psychologists, lawyers, students and citizens, was formed in response to the shocking human rights abuses and gross violations of health professional ethics that have taken place during the "war on terror."

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Approved Interrogation Guidelines May Be Enabling Abuses at Undisclosed Bagram Detention Facility


When President Obama signed an Executive Order on his second day in office mandating a uniform standard for all US interrogations, the human rights community was relieved and gratified. Years of advocacy to end torture and abuse of detainees had finally paid off.

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Medicine Used for Harm in US Torture

03/15/2010's Mark Benjamin recently covered PHR's analysis of US government torture and interrogation policy documents, declassified since President Obama took office. In his review of documents, PHR Medical Advisor Scott Allen, MD, found alarming evidence of bad applications of scientific knowledge and gross ethical misconduct by medical personnel in interrogations of terror suspects in US custody.

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Legal Opinion Needed? Consult a Psychologist


The newly released report by the Department of Justice's Office of Professional Responsibility shows not only that John Yoo and Jay Bybee created disgracefully flawed legal analysis but also that they tried to justify that reasoning by using bad science.

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PHR Research on Impact of Torture on Detainees Used in Brief to Support Findings of Involuntary Confession in Domestic Death Penalty Case


In recent years, Physicians for Human Rights has done considerable research on the impact of psychological torture techniques used by US personnel on terrorist suspect detainees. Now, that work is being put to an important new use in the context of the deplorable treatment of a domestic inmate.

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