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Bahrain Releases Nine Doctors


Following PHR's calls for the release of detained doctors and medical staff in Bahrain, nine doctors were reportedly freed. According to PHR's sources in the field, eight female doctors and one male doctor were released late yesterday evening.

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Emergency Report Decries Bahrain Human Rights Abuses


Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) today released an emergency report which documents and decries systematic human rights abuses in Bahrain.

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UN: Sri Lankan Army Targeted Civilians, Hospitals, Aid Workers


Credible evidence uncovered by a United Nations panel and featured in The New York Times proves that the Sri Lankan Army targeted civilians, shelled hospitals, and attacked aid workers in the final months of the country's 26 year-long civil war.

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Boston-Based Members Invited to a Protest for Binayak Sen


All Boston-based PHR members are invited to participate in a Global Day of Protest on January 30, 2011 which will call for the Release of Dr. Binayak Sen and other human rights defenders and journalists.

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Dr. Sen's Case to Appear Before High Court


Prominent individuals, including Nobel laureate Amartya Sen as well as human rights and medical organizations across the globe have responded in protest to the life-sentence imposed on Dr. Binayak Sen last week.

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