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New Attacks in Darfur: Mutilation, Rape and Killing of Civilians


This week the African Centre for Justice and Peace Studies (ACJPS) reported on a series of attacks on the civilian population in North Darfur by Chadian rebel groups. Between December 10 2009 and January 3 2010, attacks---including mutilation, rape and killing of civilians---were documented in the cities of Malit, Alsuyah and surrounding areas.

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Health Needs in Sudan Conflict Zones


The World Health Organization's representative to Sudan, Mohammad Abdur Rab, told reporters yesterday that 10 percent of children in Darfur and in South Sudan die before their first birthday, and that 15 percent of children in western Darfur were malnourished. This immense figure provides a quantitative background to PHR's work on food security issues, as well as sanitation and health needs of displaced Darfuris living in UNHCR camps for the past five years.

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Clinton Unveils New Administration Sudan Policy


You may have seen the news last week that the Obama Administration unveiled its long-awaited Sudan policy. PHR welcomed the renewed sense of urgency in the policy but took a skeptical position on the Khartoum genocidal regime's ability to fulfill the role of trusted partner envisioned in the new policy.

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Ask the Special Envoy to Sudan the Hard Questions


This week, congressional hearings will give the crisis in Darfur the attention it deserves. Using the script below, call your Senator today to urge them to ask the tough questions and demand a US plan of action on Darfur.

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Three International Medical Workers Kidnapped in Darfur


First the Sudanese Government expelled 13 aid groups by edict overnight; now the remaining groups are being terrorized.Now, three internationals---a Canadian nurse, an Italian doctor and a French coordinator---have been kidnapped by armed gunmen in a government-controlled area of north Darfur.

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