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Congress Set to End Needle Exchange Funding Ban: A New Front Opens in War on HIV/AIDS


We can no longer afford to waste time. With PEPFAR, we have made significant progress in global HIV prevention and treatment in heavily AIDS-burdened nations. Yet, we still live in a world where, for every 2 individuals treated for HIV, 5 more become infected.

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House Moves to Remove Needle Exchange Ban


This morning, Congressman David Obey of Wisconsin, Chairman of the Committee on Appropriations, took the first step toward ending the 20-year-old ban on federal funding of syringe exchange. He removed the ban from the draft House Labor HHS spending bill he introduced to the subcommittee.

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PHR Holds Rally for HIV/AIDS Funding


Every 9.5 minutes there is one new HIV infection in the US and forty-five new infections worldwide. This is unacceptable.

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Action for Senate Appropriations Committee Constituents


Thanks for taking this important action! In addition to making calls to Senator Reid and Speaker Pelosi, we need you to make a special call your Senator if she or he is on the important Senate Appropriations Committee, which has a say in all funding issues before Congress.

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Hopeful Signs on Lifting the HIV Entry Ban


It looks like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is about to take a big step towards lifting the nation's draconian restrictions denying people living with HIV entry into the United States.

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