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Uganda's Draft "Anti-Homosexuality" Bill: PEPFAR Funding in Jeopardy?


Right now, in Uganda, the Parliament is considering an "Anti-Homosexuality" Bill that, if passed, would be one of the world's most draconian laws against homosexuality---and a horrifying violation of human rights. Uganda, once the darling of international AIDS circles for its efforts to stop the pandemic, is now becoming a pariah for even considering this bill, which includes the death penalty for "aggrevated homosexuality."

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Breaking News: PHR Analysis of Newly Released PEPFAR II Strategy


On World AIDS Day 2009 (December 1), the Office of the Global AIDS Coordinator (OGAC) released its second 5-year PEPFAR strategy. Months ago, OGAC officials told NGOs that the strategy was not going to be very detailed---more of a 30,000 feet overview---and they meant it.

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World AIDS Day and Women's Rights: Join the 10,000


Commemorate World AIDS Day TODAY by joining a nation-wide movement to protect women's rights and promote women's health.

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Six Reasons Why the US Should Ratify the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW)


Why CEDAW? Why now? Suggestions that the US is a leader in human rights is questionable when the country is not a party to the main human rights treaties, including CEDAW.

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Support PHR by Shopping Responsibly This Holiday Season


With the holiday season approaching, we have a tremendous opportunity to raise additional funds for Physicians for Human Rights--but it requires your help in the form of a few mouse clicks.

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