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Mohammed Abdallah Ahmed, MD: Darfur Crisis Worsening


After Dr. Ahmed visited us at PHR on Monday, he was interviewed by Boston Globe reporter James F. Smith, who blogged Dr. Ahmed's comments yesterday and adapted the piece for a newspaper feature today.

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Darfuri Physician Mohammed Ahmed Abdallah Visits PHR


In the face of a rapidly escalating humanitarian crisis in Darfur, PHR staff met yesterday with our friend and colleague Mohammed Ahmed Abdallah, MD, a physician and Professor of Medicine at el-Fasher University in Darfur, Sudan and a member of the Sudanese Center for Rights Promotion and Peace Building. Dr. Mohammed was formerly the medical treatment director at the Amel Center for the Treatment & Rehabilitation of Victims of Torture in Darfur, offering services and support to survivors of torture and sexual violence while documenting violence and human rights abuses.

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The Effects of Rape on Darfuri Women's Lives


Violence and rape have become hallmarks of the lives of Darfuri women. Many women were raped in the torrent of violence that forced them to flee their villages. And the risk of violence is still all-too-real--many are assaulted when leaving the camps to gather the wood they need to cook food for their families.

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