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Australia Bets on Zimbabwe's Unity Government


Australian Foreign Minister Stephen Smith just announced that his government will provide Zimbabwe with another $6.5 million in aid to help the so-called unity government restore urgent access to safe water, adequate sanitation and health services.What's so controversial? He's betting that historically corrupt ZANU-PF government officials won't again abscond with these aid dollars the way they have in the past.

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Zimbabwe Colleagues Freed - THANK YOU!


Recently we sent out an urgent action alert about Zimbabwe human rights and civil leaders who have been jailed and tortured since their unlawful arrest in December 2008. More than 500 of you responded by emailing Professor Welshman Ncube, Chairman of the Joint Monitoring and Implementation Committee (JOMIC) and the director of the Zimbabwe Prison Service, and urging their release.

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East Africa Health and Human Rights Leadership Institute in Uganda


In the past few years, health professional students across East Africa have become increasingly involved in health and human rights advocacy, coming together with peers and future colleagues, professors and the human rights community to demand policy and programming that protects and promotes the right to health.

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Car Crash in Zimbabwe Leads to Suspicion That Tsvangirai Met "A Black Dog"


Public remorse from the distraught driver of the truck that ran into the Tsvangirais leads some to believe the crash was an accident. The Movement for Democratic Change continues to insist on a full and impartial investigation.

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US State Department's Zimbabwe Human Rights Report Lacks Words on Right to Health


The US Department of State released this week its human rights report card for 194 countries and territories, which it has submitted annually to the US Congress in compliance with the federal Foreign Assistance Act since 1977.

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