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Be a Human Rights Monitor for Zimbabwe


Zimbabwe—once Southern Africa's bread basket—is starving for food, for water, for justice, for peace. Join Physicians for Human Rights and Amnesty International USA as we launch a petition and photo drive for Zimbabwe in honor of the country's Independence Day—which is today, April 18.

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Humanitarian Aid or Developmental Assistance?


In a recent letter to the New York Times, [Richard Sollom] suggested that donor governments maintain targeted sanctions against a small cohort of Zimbabwe's power elite, but that they should also now provide targeted humanitarian support to the struggling country in transition.

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Save Lives in Zimbabwe (NY Times LTE)


Physicians for Human Rights Senior Investigator, Richard Sollom, published a letter in Friday's New York Times, in response to the Times editorial, Villains and Victims in Zimbabwe. The editorial rightly calls on the United States and Europe to provide the fledgling unity government in Zimbabwe with increased financial resources.

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Zimbabwe's Health Crisis Threatens Increased Risk of Resistant TB


So the good news is that the cholera epidemic in Zimbabwe is finally getting under control. Weekly case fatality rates have dropped from over 5% to now about 1%. The bad news is that tuberculosis may soon take its place as a leading cause of death in Zimbabwe.

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Is the UN to blame for Zimbabwe's cholera crisis?


A new documentary on Zimbabwe's cholera epidemic quotes a former UN humanitarian official as saying: The United Nations deliberately downplayed the crisis to avoid confrontation with President Mugabe and his ZANU-PF regime.

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