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Medical Neutrality Exemption a Victory for Asylum-Seeking Health Professionals


In response to advocacy from groups like Physicians for Human Rights, Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano fixed a flaw in current immigration law by creating an exemption to the material support bar for health professionals who have provided medical assistance to wounded combatants as part of their ethical and moral responsibilities.

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Report Card: GOP Candidates on Waterboarding


At the recent Republican debate, the presidential candidates were asked if waterboarding is torture. Their answers were shocking, in more ways than one. Even if Ron Paul and Jon Huntsman hadn’t blown the curve, everyone else would have failed the human rights test miserably.

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Private Prison Companies Lobby Against Immigration Reform for Their Own Profit


The recent news that the US government deported nearly 400,000 immigrants in the past year has been met with an outcry by immigrants and advocates around the country who witness the destruction to families and communities caused by these deportations. But one group has been quietly cheering on the push to detain and deport more immigrants than ever before. The private corrections industry, led by Corrections Corporation of America and the Geo Group, has ramped up its lobbying effort at both the national and local levels to ensure that its detention facilities are used to detain more and more immigrants.

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Strengthening Protection for Asylum Seekers


Sixty years after the creation of the 1951 Refugee Convention, the US still protects more refugees than any other country. But the road to gaining asylum has become unnecessarily burdensome and prevents untold thousands of people from gaining asylum every year.

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Patriotism or Racism?: Accountability for Vigilantism on the Mexican Border


Federal Border Patrol agents aren’t the only people scouring the US-Mexico border in search of immigrants illegally crossing the border, joining their ranks are groups of armed private citizens. These citizens claim to support law enforcement by protecting America from the security threat of uncontrolled immigration. Groups such as the Minuteman Project, Ranch Rescue, and the American Border Patrol claim to “operate within the law,” yet they regularly violate both domestic and international law.

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