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Three International Medical Workers Kidnapped in Darfur


First the Sudanese Government expelled 13 aid groups by edict overnight; now the remaining groups are being terrorized.Now, three internationals---a Canadian nurse, an Italian doctor and a French coordinator---have been kidnapped by armed gunmen in a government-controlled area of north Darfur.

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Deadly Meningitis Outbreak Unchecked in Camps after Humanitarian Groups Expelled from Darfur


It is already happening---Darfuris are dying---directly as a result of President Bashir's expulsion of the humanitarian organizations. Meningitis, a highly contagious disease, is spreading through one of Darfur's largest camps for the internally displaced, Kalma, home to 90,000.

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Over 1 Million to Go Without Food and Water in Darfur as Aid Groups Expelled


The consequences are nearly unfathomable. In the last 48 hours, Sudan has expelled 16 international aid organizations from Darfur.

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Today's ICC Indictment of al-Bashir


I bet there are some women at the Farchana Refugee Camp in eastern Chad dancing today. When I was there last fall, some of the Darfuri refugees told me that "old women would get up and dance" if Omar al-Bashir, Sudan's rogue President and "mastermind" of the genocide in Darfur, was arrested.

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The Effects of Rape on Darfuri Women's Lives


Violence and rape have become hallmarks of the lives of Darfuri women. Many women were raped in the torrent of violence that forced them to flee their villages. And the risk of violence is still all-too-real--many are assaulted when leaving the camps to gather the wood they need to cook food for their families.

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