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37,000 Darfur Refugees at Risk in Eastern Chad as NGOs Suspend Aid


The UN reported last week that six aid groups have suspended operations in eastern Chad. Nearly 300,000 Darfuri refugees have fled across the the Sudan-Chad border to escape violence in Darfur.

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Health Needs in Sudan Conflict Zones


The World Health Organization's representative to Sudan, Mohammad Abdur Rab, told reporters yesterday that 10 percent of children in Darfur and in South Sudan die before their first birthday, and that 15 percent of children in western Darfur were malnourished. This immense figure provides a quantitative background to PHR's work on food security issues, as well as sanitation and health needs of displaced Darfuris living in UNHCR camps for the past five years.

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Clinton Unveils New Administration Sudan Policy


You may have seen the news last week that the Obama Administration unveiled its long-awaited Sudan policy. PHR welcomed the renewed sense of urgency in the policy but took a skeptical position on the Khartoum genocidal regime's ability to fulfill the role of trusted partner envisioned in the new policy.

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Amazing Activist Art Show?Join Us Sept 17!


The "Make Believe" exhibit is totally amazing. I urge all PHR supporters, and their friends and family, to visit the Atlantic Works Gallery in East Boston on September 17 for their "Third Thursday event" so you can see what all the buzz is about.

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Two Boston-Area Darfur Events


The panel will explore: What is the current US policy on the Darfur crisis? Is humanitarian aid still available to displaced refugees? What are the prospects for accountability and international justice for officials responsible for atrocities?

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