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Dr. Binayak Sen Convicted and Sentenced to Life Imprisonment


The Chattisgarh Court in India handed down a life sentence to celebrated pediatrician Dr. Binayak Sen, finding him guilty on charges of treason and sedition for alleged support of Maoist rebels.

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Trial of Dr. Binayak Sen in India ends this week


The trial of celebrated Indian pediatrician Binayak Sen, a tireless advocate for the poor and marginalized in India’s Chattisgarh State, ends on Friday, December 24.

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Letter of Thanks from Binayak Sen, MD, in India


PHR received this letter of thanks from Binayak Sen and his wife Ilina following his release from detention.

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Interview: Indian Human Rights Activist Binayak Sen, MD


Yesterday, Richard Sollom posted the happy news that Binayak Sen, MD, has been released on bail after more than two years in jail on false charges of supporting a Maoist insurgency in India. The following is a TV interview with Dr. Sen very shortly after his release.

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Update: Indian Physician Binayak Sen Released on Bail


The Indian Supreme Court yesterday granted bail to Binayak Sen, MD, a leading health and human rights advocate. Dr. Sen languished in jail for more than two years on bogus charges of supporting a Maoist insurgency in India.

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