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An Afghan child, victim of a landmine

President Obama, the US Should Join the Mine Ban Treaty


PHR joined partner organizations in an April 4, 2012, letter calling on President Obama to officially announce future US policy on landmines, and to join the 1997 Mine Ban Treaty. To date, the US has not taken the official step of acceding to (joining) the monumental treaty which forbids countries from using, producing, stockpiling, or transferring anti-personnel mines, and requires countries to destroy existing mines.

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PHR Welcomes US Commitment to the UN Human Rights Council


Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) joined partner organizations in applauding the United States government's announcement to pursue a second term on the UN Human Rights Council.

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New York Times, Letter to the Editor: Illegal Immigrants


A letter to the Editor on immigration, by PHR's Asylum Program Director, Christy Fujio, appeared on April 1 in the New York Times.

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Boston Globe Letter to the Editor: Computer game cruelly mocks vulnerable group


Christy Fujio, director of PHR’s Asylum Program, responds to a Boston Globe article on a computer game that cruelly mocks a vulnerable population that faces extortion, theft, rape, murder, torture, assault, and other dangers as it crosses the border.

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Wikileaks case exposes how draconian criminal law is driving drug-users and people with HIV underground


The much-publicized arrest of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has had the unexpected effect of highlighting laws that criminalize health status related to HIV.

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