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Act Now to End the HIV Travel Ban


The US government is very close to ending the discriminatory HIV Travel Ban, which prohibits people living with AIDS from entering the United States. Take action today by telling the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to end the HIV Travel Ban.

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Tell Your Member of Congress "Clean Needles Save Lives!"


Last Friday, the House Appropriations Committee voted to include a provision lifting the ban on federal funding for needle exchange programs. The appropriations bill with this provision will appear before the entire House this week, and the Senate will likely vote on the bill next week.

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Congress Set to End Needle Exchange Funding Ban: A New Front Opens in War on HIV/AIDS


We can no longer afford to waste time. With PEPFAR, we have made significant progress in global HIV prevention and treatment in heavily AIDS-burdened nations. Yet, we still live in a world where, for every 2 individuals treated for HIV, 5 more become infected.

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House Moves to Remove Needle Exchange Ban


This morning, Congressman David Obey of Wisconsin, Chairman of the Committee on Appropriations, took the first step toward ending the 20-year-old ban on federal funding of syringe exchange. He removed the ban from the draft House Labor HHS spending bill he introduced to the subcommittee.

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PHR Holds Rally for HIV/AIDS Funding


Every 9.5 minutes there is one new HIV infection in the US and forty-five new infections worldwide. This is unacceptable.

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