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10-Year Sentence for Newest Political Prisoner in Burma


Nay Myo Zin was sentenced to ten years in prison by a Burmese court last week. His wife reported that he was arrested because Burmese secret police had found an email in his inbox that discussed national reconciliation.

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Changes to Burmese Travel Ban Are Only a Partial Solution


Although the recent change to travel restrictions may be a step in the right direction, it does not go nearly far enough.

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Trafficked Burmese Children Rescued in Chiang Mai


Eight children were rescued by Thai police from an apartment in Chiang Mai on Tuesday. PHR supports the efforts of the Thai authorities to stop trafficking, an urges them to do more to combat this human rights violation throughout Thailand.

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Dissident Groups Call For Peace Between Burmese Government and Ethnic Armies


A coalition of nine dissident groups from inside Burma called +9 Orgs issued a statement this week calling on the Burmese government to make peace with ethnic armies.

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Refugee Camp in Bangladesh Hit by Storm


Heavy rains and high winds have stuck an unofficial refugee camp in Bangladesh, destroying makeshift shacks and other residences. Life in the camp before the disaster was precarious—external aid is limited and the residents are forced to fend for themselves.

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