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Pro-Qaddafi Forces and Rebels Committed War Crimes


The United Nations concluded on 2 March 2012 that both pro-Qaddafi forces and rebels committed war crimes during the Libyan conflict last year.

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Current Work

Smoke and Mirrors in the Gulf Kingdom of Bahrain


PHR's Richard Sollom protests new regulations by the Government of Bahrain limiting the length of time human rights organizations are allowed in the country to five working days.

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Zimbabwe - NGO’s banned in Masvingo Province


Last week, The Governor of the Masvingo Province in Zimbabwe banned 29 NGO’s providing humanitarian relief and security in the region. The banned organizations – which include both local groups like Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights and Care International have provided basic services and support to mitigate a worsening humanitarian situation in the country.

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Doctors in Libya Still Under Attack


Doctors in Libya are still under attack – even though the Libyan conflict officially ended last August. In December 2011, Qaddafi loyalists attacked the Director of Tripoli’s Central Hospital, holding him at gunpoint and forcibly detaining him and doctors went on strike after another doctor was assaulted on hospital property.

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Zimbabwe: 660 People Treated for Typhoid


While the Zimbabwean Constitution Select Committee drafts a new constitution for the country, The Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights note that the constitution lacks transparency and, importantly, legitimacy may be a long-awaited opportunity to fairly and freely elect a candidate.

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