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Asylumist Addresses Senator Rand Paul on Asylum Law

Christy Carnegie Fujio, JD, MA on June 10, 2011

Mainstream media gave Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) a very generous free pass when it declined to castigate him for publicly wondering "How do you get asylum when you come from a friendly government?" In his recent blog post, Jason Dzubow of The Asylumist adeptly addresses Senator Paul's confusion regarding the basics of asylum law, and takes on the larger and complex issue of ensuring US security while still fulfilling our humanitarian obligations.

"As a nation, we are a world leader in many areas, including the humanitarian area. We have greatly benefited from our leadership role, and from the many refugees, asylees, and immigrants who have made our country their new home. We should not give up our leadership or the benefits that accrue to us because we fear terrorism. We should not let the terrorists win."

Issues: Asylum
Places: United States