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UN: Sri Lankan Army Targeted Civilians, Hospitals, Aid Workers


Credible evidence uncovered by a United Nations panel and featured in The New York Times proves that the Sri Lankan Army targeted civilians, shelled hospitals, and attacked aid workers in the final months of the country's 26 year-long civil war.

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Sri Lankan Government Coaching Burmese Junta?


Remember the calamitous end to Sri Lanka's 26-year-long civil war back in May? Some 16,700 non-combatants were wounded and several thousand more were killed during the final onslaught.

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Orwellian World for Sri Lankan Doctors


Yesterday Physicians for Human Rights welcomed the release of four doctors in Sri Lanka whom police authorities had detained incommunicado for the past three months. After posting a king's ransom of one million rupees ($8,800), each was allowed to return to Vavuniya, where they are confined until their November 9 hearing.

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Sri Lankan Physicians Detained for Adhering to Medical Ethics


I was recently interviewed about three Sri Lankan physicians who treated civilians and disseminated information on the health crisis in the conflict zone. You can listen to the four-minute interview, above.

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Update on 3 Detained Sri Lankan Physicians


Yesterday PHR reported on three Sri Lankan physicians whom government officials detained on 16 May 2009. PHR believes the government is trying to suppress facts of the humanitarian crisis, civilian casualties, and attacks on hospitals during the recent routing of Tamil separatist forces that these doctors reported to the outside world.

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