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Clothing from Rwanda Grave

A Grave on the Road to Justice in Rwanda


As the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) wraps up its dockets in Arusha, Tanzania on December 14 and hands over cases to other processes, we reflect on landmark “firsts” accomplished by the tribunal: the first international prosecution for the crime of genocide, and the first conviction for rape and sexual violence as forms of genocide.

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The Rwandan Genocide: An Indelible Stain


PHR's director of international policy and partnerships/senior advisor, Susannah Sirkin, discusses the Rwandan genocide 20 years later, highlighting that "never again" has not been adhered to. Conflicts in Syria, Sudan, and the Central African Republic continue, and the world is incapable of an effective response.

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Giving Refuge: Reflections on Working with Asylum Seekers


In the newspapers, we read wrenching stories about suffering in faraway places such as Sudan, Rwanda, Congo, and Myanmar; through this work, these stories have become real to me.

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Rwandan Medical Intern Seeks Progress in Healthcare


Janvier Yubahwe, a medical intern at Ruhengeri District Hospital in northern Rwanda, starts his day around 6:30 a.m. with a 15 minute walk to the hospital from his house. Recently, photographer Greg Kendall-Ball and I spent the day at the hospital with Janvier and his colleagues, learning more about the life of a doctor in Rwanda.

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Living with HIV in Rwanda


Emily Bancroft, Senior Coordinator of PHR's Health Action AIDS program, has spent the last month working in Rwanda. Emily has reported in the Boston Globe's Passport blog on some of her work with Rwandan children, teens and young adults who have AIDS.

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