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Regardless of Outcome, Katanga Verdict Will Be a Significant Step Forward


The recognition of sexual violence as an international crime at the International Criminal Court (ICC) is a major step forward. The Prosecutor v. Germain Katanga case is the first at the ICC to charge a defendant with crimes of sexual violence and represents a crucial milestone for the ICC and for victims of sexual violence.

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Current Work

International Women's Day: Advancement of Women Survivors of Sexual Violence


Today, in honor of International Women’s Day, PHR reaffirms our commitment to comprehensive justice for survivors of sexual violence and support for those working on the front lines to help them. Through our Program on Sexual Violence in Conflict Zones, we strive to improve women’s health, ensure greater access to justice for women, and give women an increased voice.

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World AIDS Day: Call for Alaeis' Unconditional Release


Yesterday was World AIDS Day, a veritable mixed-bag of acknowledgments and modest accolades contrasted with sobering memorials and hard facts.

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