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Idlib Turkish military convoy

A Brewing Humanitarian Catastrophe as the Battle for Idlib Looms


The Syrian government is gearing up for a full-scale offensive on the city of Idlib, the last remaining opposition stronghold. The implications for the civilian population are catastrophic.

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Rohingya Man in Burma

Widespread and Systematic - Violence against the Rohingya in Myanmar


findings, coupled with in-depth interviews and forensic medical examinations of Rohingya survivors, point to a widespread and systematic pattern of targeted violence – including rapes and killings of women, men, and children – that drove more than 720,000 Rohingya into neighboring Bangladesh.

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Immigrants with border patrol

A mother outrageously separated from her son at the U.S. border


The Trump administration’s brutal enforcement of family separation has precipitated a full-blown human crisis at the U.S. border. PHR volunteers are using their skills to help prevent deportations.

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Psychologists: Recognize the Stain that is Guantánamo


The U.S. psychology profession and its largest organization, the American Psychological Association, have been roiled by controversy for more than a decade. What are the proper roles for military and intelligence psychologists in national security interrogations and at Guantánamo and other detention sites that violate international law?

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Yazidi woman despair

Yazidis: The Endless Tragedy


ISIS has been defeated and the organizational structure of its so-called Islamic State has collapsed, liberating almost all its occupied territories. However, the tragedy for the people of the religious Yazidi minority continues.

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