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Psychologists: Recognize the Stain that is Guantánamo


The U.S. psychology profession and its largest organization, the American Psychological Association, have been roiled by controversy for more than a decade. What are the proper roles for military and intelligence psychologists in national security interrogations and at Guantánamo and other detention sites that violate international law?

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Yazidi woman despair

Yazidis: The Endless Tragedy


ISIS has been defeated and the organizational structure of its so-called Islamic State has collapsed, liberating almost all its occupied territories. However, the tragedy for the people of the religious Yazidi minority continues.

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Girl with border patrol

Tell Congress: Investigate the harmful health effects of family detention NOW.


Please send your message today demanding that Congress immediately hold oversight hearings on the harmful and life-threatening detention facilities at the U.S. southern border. With thousands of children at risk, there is no time to lose.

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Girl with border patrol

Detention Facilities Display Dangerous Trend of Delayed and Inadequate Care


For a doctor, there is nothing harder than seeing a patient with a treatable condition not receiving basic care. I recently met a woman in U.S. immigration detention. She said that although she had notified the corrections staff that she suffered from chronic hypertension, it took four days for her to be given her blood pressure medication. By then she was experiencing stabbing pains in her chest.

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On the Cutting Edge – Without Electricity or Internet


PHR’s award-winning mobile app MediCapt enables doctors, clinical officers, and nurses to collect, store, and securely share forensic medical evidence in cases of sexual violence. The app has already been field-tested in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and earlier this year PHR’s Program on Sexual Violence in Conflict Zones launched MediCapt in Kenya.

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