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Student Asylum Clinics

Student Founders of the Clinic at Brown

The Asylum Program at Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) collaborates with a number of student-run human rights clinics that are dedicated to providing forensic evaluations for asylum seekers. The clinics are made possible by small groups of enthusiastic students and a growing group of Asylum Network members who are committed to training the next generation of evaluators.

For students, participating in a clinic is an incredible learning experience that offers a hands-on opportunity to incorporate human rights into their medical school curriculum. Shadowing asylum evaluations not only exposes students to unique injuries, but also allows them to observe and practice trauma-informed interviewing and cross-cultural communication.

PHR partnered with the Weill Cornell Center for Human Rights (WCCHR) in 2010, creating the first student-run asylum clinic at a U.S. medical school. Since then, the WCCHR/PHR model has expanded to several other medical schools. In addition to providing forensic evaluations for asylum seekers in their respective communities, clinics serve to educate the medical community and general public about asylum issues by conducting research, publishing papers, and presenting at conferences.

These are the student asylum clinics that have a partnership with PHR’s Asylum Program:

Student asylum clinics in the news: